Child Victims Act & Sexual Misconduct Coverage & Defense

Russo & Gould LLP takes a team approach to claims handling. The team is led by highly experienced attorneys, including former sex crimes prosecutors. We were the first to be featured nationally addressing exposure concerns and litigation strategy, before the Child Victims Act became law in New York State.

Our team is recognized nationally for its expertise, research and publications. As the Child Victims Act (CVA) has revived decades old claims, coverage is hotly contested and requires a forward thinking approach. Our team understands the coverage implications necessary to litigate high exposure claims such at those stemming from sexual offenses. We also litigate cases through trial. Understanding the implications of litigation, we are uniquely positioned to think ahead, address discovery issues in advance and prepare the best defense possible in a forward thinking manner. In addition to our coverage practice, our attorneys regularly speak, publish and present on coverage issues and high exposure matters. Florina Altshiler, Esq., is a former sex crimes prosecutor and a legal analyst for WABC-TV, offering legal analysis of high exposure matters for a national audience.

Our insurance defense team brings uniquely broad experience to this area. Many of our former prosecutors are uniquely trained to address the underlying criminal elements of these civil claims. Our team’s experience includes the defense of academic institutions from grade school through university, residential facilities, health care facilities, nursing homes, day care facilities, religious organizations, youth and public interest organizations and foundations.

We investigate these matters promptly and deliberately while collaborating with risk managers and in-house counsel. As former prosecutors, our team is sensitive to simultaneous criminal investigations and routinely coordinate civil efforts to work with local District Attorney’s offices from the outset.

Our team’s experience allows for prompt, sensitive and discrete file handling, appropriately addressing media inquiries before they become misdirected, with an eye toward confidential settlement, when appropriate.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

Florina Altshiler  
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Alan S. Russo  
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Daniel M. Schiavetta  
Of Counsel
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Jennifer N. Cheong  
Senior Associate
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Trishe L.A. Hynes  
Senior Associate
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Audrey D. Medd  
Senior Associate
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