Transportation Liability- Personal and Commercial Auto

RUSSO & GOULD LLP is a leader in the field of auto liability defense in the New York Metropolitan Area. Our auto defense team handles third-party liability cases, auto fraud investigations and no-fault matters. Our auto team is staffed with very experienced trial lawyers who regularly take verdicts on all types of auto accident cases ranging from soft tissue to catastrophic injuries.

We have a special unit within the auto team dedicated to defending against low-impact collisions which are alleged to have caused serious injuries. This unit utilizes a team of biomechanical engineers, accident reconstruction experts and board certified medical doctors to mount an aggressive, persuasive defense against these claims. Over the years, we have had great success in obtaining judgments in favor of our clients based on "no serious injury" following both motion practice and trials. We have found that this aggressive litigation approach has resulted in reducing the settlement value of the soft tissue claims we handle.

RUSSO & GOULD LLP's auto defense team also specifically targets auto fraud. The firm's attorneys work closely with the Special Investigation Unit's (SIU) of our respective insurance-carrier clients in both the investigation and defense against fraudulent claims. Among our attorneys are three former prosecutors and a former counsel for the New York State Attorney General's Office of Automobile Fraud. The firm's auto fraud team vigorously defends against suspected fraudulent cases and has been successful in recouping monies paid out to fraudulent medical providers and claimants.

An integral part of RUSSO & GOULD LLP's auto defense team is the no-fault unit which defends against unjustified no-fault claims. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in both the insurance regulations governing no-fault and the idiosyncratic practices and procedures unique to the defense of no-fault cases. Hand-in-hand with the defense of no-fault claims, we provide representation to petitioners and respondents in framed issue hearings, regularly draft petitions to stay arbitration, and defend against both uninsured and underinsured claims.

In summary, RUSSO & GOULD LLP provides comprehensive defense services covering all aspects of our clients' auto liability and related insurance defense needs.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

David S. Gould  
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John J. Komar  
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Alexandra L. Alvarez  
Senior Associate
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Jennifer N. Cheong  
Senior Associate
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Jennifer L. Culver  
Senior Associate
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Trishe L.A. Hynes  
Senior Associate
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Fallon J. Mulerman-Orer  
Senior Associate
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Anthony J.  Milone  
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Charles Popp  
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