Marie A. Castronuovo

Marie A. Castronuovo

Offices: New York

Marie Castronuovo handles New York Labor Law and premises liability cases through all phases of litigation, including discovery, making and arguing discovery motions and motions for summary judgment, negotiating and mediating settlements, trial, and appellate proceedings. She regularly defends insurance carriers and cleaning contractors in premises liability cases. She has extensive experience in New York Labor Law, defending corporations and contractors in construction site accident claims. Her reported decisions include:

Davis v. Rochdale Village Inc., 63 AD3d 870, 882 NYS2d 194 (2d Dept. 2009)
Gordon v. Muchnick, 180 AD2d 715, 579 NYS2d 745 (2d Dept. 1992)
Baca v. HRH Construction, 200 AD2d 538, 607 NYS2d 21 (1st Dept. 1994)

Marie is a graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy and a member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. Before joining Russo & Gould in 2007, she was in-house counsel at Atlantic Mutual for 18 years. Previously, she held a limited license to practice law in a legal clinic in Washington State, where she served indigent and elderly clients and helped to lay the foundation for a mediation and arbitration center in Spokane.

Outside of practicing law, Marie is a freelance writer and has been published in New Jersey newspapers, ParentGuide Magazine, and in several online publications. She served as president of a women's writers' collective in New Jersey for two years and regularly runs groups for writers.

Gonzaga University School of Law, J.D., 1986
St. John's University, B.S., 1982
Practicing attorney for over 25 years
Graduate of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy

Davis v. Rochdale Village Inc., 63 AD3d 870, 882 NYS2d 194 (2d Dept. 2009)
Gordon v. Muchnick, 180 AD2d 715, 579 NYS2d 745 (2d Dept. 1992)
Baca v HRH Construction, 200 AD2d 538, 607 NYS2d 21 (1st Dept. 1994)
U.S. District Court Southern District of New York
U.S. District Court Eastern District of New York
New York State Bar
Claims and Litigation Management Alliance
Defense Association of New York
New York State Bar Association
Speaking Engagements
How Social Inflation is Changing Liability Insurance, AM Best Podcast, November 2021

News Insights

March 22, 2022

Alan Russo and Marie Castronuovo Discuss Avoiding Nuclear Verdicts on DRI Webinar

Headline verdict amounts continue to rise, dragging up settlement values and turning claims scenarios into high-stakes negotiations. Alan Russo and Marie Castronuovo were part of a panel of insurance defense experts discussing the rise in nuclear verdicts at a DRI webinar in March. They discussed how new research and strategies are helping insurers to better assess, triage and limit their litigation liabilities, and how to counter an increasingly better funded, coordinated and sophisticated plaintiff's bar.

June 1, 2021

Marie A. Castronuovo Wins Summary Judgement in Kings County

On May 28, 2021 Marie A. Castronuovo won summary judgment for our clients in a slip and fall case in Kings County. The plaintiff alleged that she slipped on a wet floor inside the lobby of defendant''s building because defendants building owner and cleaning contractor placed an inadequate amount of weather mats on the lobby floor and failed to place them in proper positions.

January 24, 2023

Marie Castronuovo Wins Summary Judgement - Laura Marks v. Lessings, Inc.

On January 9, 2023, Marie Castronuovo''s motion for summary judgment was granted on behalf of our client in the case of Laura Marks v. Lessings, Inc. This case involved a plaintiff who fell down exterior steps at Whitby Castle, claiming the steps were visually confusing. To establish that the steps were not visually confusing Ms Castronuovo presented the Court with the photos of the steps marked at plaintiff''s deposition which depicted various shades of gray on each step, and a darker landing as well as a white framed threshold. She also argued that plaintiff''s expert failed to identify a Building Code violation and admitted that the steps were well lit. Plaintiff opposed the motion, arguing that the steps were an optical illusion and required a mid-handrail. This was rebutted by Ms. Castronuovo who argued that plaintiff''s expert''s opinion only provided suggestions for making the steps safer and did not identify any Building Code requiring a mid-handrail. She further cited to plaintiff''s testimony that she was looking straight ahead as she exited the building, instead of down at the staircase.