Criminal Defense Practice

Russo & Gould’s Criminal Defense National Trial Team is lead by Florina Altshiler, a nationally known criminal defense attorney, and encompasses a diverse team of attorneys, some of whom are former Assistant District Attorneys, who appreciate the ramifications and life-long impact that a criminal conviction may have and we mount a defense accordingly. Our team, following retention, meets with our clients to review the case matter in detail and formulate a plan that best serves the interest of each client whether it be by plea negotiations, supression hearings, motion practice, and trial and appeal, if necessary.

Our practice specializes in major crime defense including homocide, robbery, sex crimes, etc.  We also handle misdemeanors and other criminal matters which may not be serious felonies but nonetheless can have a grave impact on a client’s future, such as domestic violence crimes, hazing crimes, property damage connected to house parties, campus sporting events and a myriad of other non serious felonies.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

Florina Altshiler  
(212) 482-0001 x 311
David S. Gould  
(212) 482-0001 x 131
Alan S. Russo  
(212) 482-0001 x 120
Trishe L.A. Hynes  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 320
Anthony J.  Milone  
(212) 482-0001 X 126