Employment Litigation

We represent persons, businesses, and organizations on employment-related claims, including alleged discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, wage and hour violations, and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) noncompliance.

We are well equipped to handle employment litigation on a reasonable cost basis. When prosecuting and defending such actions we carefully consider the economics of each individual situation and apply our legal tools and knowledge to structure the most beneficial solution for our clients.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

Christopher D. Mehno  
(212) 482-0001 x 153
Alan S. Russo  
(212) 482-0001 x 120
Jeremy A. Berman  
Senior Counsel
(212) 482-0001 x 142
Trishe L.A. Hynes  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 320
Charles Popp  
(212) 482-0001 x 122