Construction Accident Liability

RUSSO & GOULD LLP has a core of attorneys who have developed special expertise in the defense of construction accident cases in the State of New York on behalf of owners, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers and safety consultants. This expertise includes defending cases brought under New York State Labor Law Sections 240, 241(6) and 200, as well as the enforcement of contractual indemnity claims and related insurance coverage.

The firm aggressively seeks indemnification and insurance coverage for our clients pursuant to contractual obligations whenever possible. We are experienced in bringing declaratory judgment actions against recalcitrant insurance carriers when necessary to enforce the rights of our clients.

The attorneys in this practice group have successfully defended many Labor Law cases to verdict and have achieved success at the appellate level including the Court of Appeals.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

Florina Altshiler  
(212) 482-0001 x 311
Cecil E. Floyd  
(212) 482-0001 x 123
Marcin J. Kurzatkowski  
(212) 482-0001 x 127
Alan S. Russo  
(212) 482-0001 x 120
Charles B. Stokes  
(215) 874-6816
Peter J. Andrews  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 165
Jennifer N. Cheong  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 140
Jennifer L. Culver  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 124
Trishe L.A. Hynes  
Senior Associate
(212) 482-0001 x 320
Rikki D. Studley  
Senior Associate
212-482-0001 x 108