Commercial Litigation

Our approach to contract and fraud cases is to carefully examine the facts at an early stage, which involves a careful review of the relevant contracts and drafting history along with key emails. Because a comprehensive review of all the emails is time consuming, at the initial stages, we try to isolate the key ones to better understand the potential claims and defenses. Besides reviewing the important emails, we seek preliminary interviews of the main witnesses of our clients and examine publicly available information. After this review, we will collaborate with our clients regarding the best course of action. We can bring claims for damages as well as pursue declaratory or injunctive relief. We may recommend early efforts to mediate or settle, depending on the facts and circumstances.

We are well equipped to handle on a reasonable cost basis suits relating to breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, corporate acquisitions, theft of trade secrets, employee departures, and claims of discrimination. We litigate bankruptcy disputes, real estate claims and trust and estate claims. We will prosecute and defend contractual matters for governmental entities and litigate disputes involving insurance brokers and insurance coverage.

We carefully consider the economics of each individual situation and structure settlement solutions to accommodate those economics.

Attorneys who practice in this area:

Christopher D. Mehno  
(212) 482-0001 x 153
Jeremy A. Berman  
Senior Counsel
(212) 482-0001 x 142